Friday, January 26, 2007

2005-09-09 USA-Everett, WA-Everett Event Center-107.7 THE end Radio-Endsession 122

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OASIS [Soundboard Pre-FM 1disc MP3 Version]

2005-09-09USA-Everett, WA-Everett Event Center-107.7 THE end Radio-Endsession 122


01 Pre-Endsession Instructions from DJ Jennifer White [0:39]
02 Intro [0:38]
03 The Importance Of Being Idle [4:03]
04 Interview Part 1 [4:38]
05 Wonderwall [4:57]
06 Interview Part 2 [6:49]
07 Live Forever (Performed & Recorded During Endsession Soundcheck) [5:06]

Photos included in download

LENGTH: 26:50
DATE: September 09, 2005
TAPER: 107.7 THE end (Distributed by OasisDouglas)

SOURCE:Unknown Soundboard Equipment -> CD-R -> MACINTOSH G5 -> BIAS PEAK to Normalize, DSP Gain Envelope, and Export to AIFF -> xACT to cut on CD sectors -> iTunes to convert to 192kbps MP3 (normal stereo)

OASISDOUGLAS COMMENTS:A special thanks to the 107.7 THE end DJ (you know who you are) that was willing to send a CD-R of the Oasis Endsession. This is a soundboard Pre-FM recording that features a never aired performance of 'Live Forever' that was done durning the Endsession soundcheck.

With this being a Pre-FM recording it has the advantages of NO radio station IDs, and best of all you can enjoy all of Noel's F-bombs in their glory since there is no bleeping of the cursing during the interviews. An outstanding quality recording with The Importance Of Being Idle being one of the best acoustic versions to date. Wonderwall was done 'Ryan Adams' style and sounds GREAT with Noel, Gem, and Andy all on acoustic guitars. Live Forever also sounds AMAZING with the added guitars, as well as Noel adds his signitue coughs during the song.

Too bad there are over 10 minutes of talking and only 2 songs played. I wish there would have been a bit less 'drinking' the night before so they could have played a third song.

No EQ work was needed on the recording since it sounds FANTASTIC as is. I did normalize to 100% and ran multiple DSP gain envelopes on the recording to boost the volume on various parts of the interview where it was hard to hear Andy.

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[DVD] I Can See a Liar David Letterman 02-05-2000

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Source: VHS Transfer
Size: 100MB
Length: 00:03:12
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[DVD] Don't Go Away (David Letterman 09-10-1997)

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Source: VHS Transfer
Format: .vob
Size: 103Mb
Length: 00:03:54

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Don't Go Away Saturday Night Live

Pando Package

1997-10-04 - Saturday Night Live, NBC, Rockefeller Center, New York, NY, USA

Source: Digital SatelliteLineage: Digital Satellite >> Philips DVDR70 Standalone >> DVD >> PC >> TMPGEnc DVD Author >> VIDEO_TS

Length: 05:10
Format: PAL
Video Bitrate: 7260kbps
Audio Bitrate: Dolby Digital AC-3 256kbps
Resolution: 720x576


01. Don't Go Away
02. Outro

Acquiesce also performed but wasn't shown on this rebroadcast in 2004.

[DVD] Oasis - Don't Go Away (live on The Tonight Show)

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Source : VHS Transfer
Format: .vob
Length: 00:04:29
Size: 120MB
Broadcast: 1998-01-21 NBC TV ''The Tonight Show With Jay Leno'', NBC Studios, Los Angeles, CA, USA
mp3 version
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

KASABIAN2006-09-08La Maroquinerie, Paris. France

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Taper : Greg B.
Length : 72.06 min
Size : 439 MB compressed (Flac)
Complete Show : Yes
DAE in Lineage : No


01. Intro [1:14]
02. Shoot The Runner [5:32]
03. Reason Is Treason [5:16]
04. Sun/Rise/Light/Flies [4.56]
05. Cutt Off [5:43]
06. Empire [4:14]
07. Me Plus One [4:06]
08. By Me Side [5:27]
09. Butcher Blues [4:20]
10. Last Trip (In Flight) [3:56]
11. Processed Beats [4:22]
12. The Doberman [6:10]
13. The Doberman end [0:48]
14. Clud Foot [4.31]
15. Stuntman [4:25]
16. L.S.F [7.05]

Source : AT853Rx > AT833 > Denecke PS-2 > Iriver H120 (Rockbox Firmware)
Location : 15 meters right in front of the stage, just behind the mixing desk.The Maroquinerie is a very small place of 400/500 persons.
Genealogy : HDD > FLAC
Transfert & editing : Iriver H120 > USB > Edit > .Wav
Editing process :> Soundforge 8.0 (applause deleting until track 8 or 9, Volume adjustment)> CD Wave Editor (track splitting) > FLAC Frontend > FLAC Level 8

Comments :
I was too tired to clean off the entire recording of each clap hands at the end of each song, so I gave up this tough job about the track 8 or 9. To fix the audience applause as more as I can, I edited out some too noisy sequence after track 9, 14 and 15.

Original Upload Gonzo On Tour 06

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Jet Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Date Of Recording unknown

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The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way

Date Of Recording unknown

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Razorlight - Somewhere Else

Date of recording unknown

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The View - Wasted Little Dj's

Date of recording unknown

Original Upload [Audio] Plan B No More Eatin 1 Leicester Square

Pando Package

Don't know much about this character but love this tune, first heard the track at the Reading festival last year when he performed it acoustic at one of the campsites

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oasis - Hurricane Festival 2005 Schee¯el, Germany June 10th, 2005

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Native AVC/H.26>>SUPER ©>>TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6>>.vob>>DVD Audio Ripper>>MP3

Type: .mp3
Bit Rate: 192Kbps

Track Listing

01 - Intro
02 - Lyla
03 - Interview
04 - Morning Glory
05 - Cigarettes & Alcohol
06 - Interview
07 - Don't Look Back In Anger
08 - Interview
09 - My Generation

Sunday, January 21, 2007

[VIDEO] Oasis The V Channel Interviews

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Broadcast In Australia During The DBTT Tour

[VIDEO] Oasis-Step Out-HBO 2001

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Size: 8.06MB

Greek Theatre LA, May 15 2001

Original Upload 4 Music Presents Oasis DVD

Artwork by Reevzie
Artwork by OasisForce

Pando Package

Sky Digital>>DVD>>DVD Decrypter>>TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6>>.VOB

Recorded in 4hr mode but still great quality

Aspect Ratio: 4.3 letterbox
Broadcast: 03.05.2005
Size: 431MB
Format: .VOB
Files: 5
Menu: No
Track Markings: Yes

Track Listing

1- Lyla
2- Interview 1 (Noel)
3- Let There Be Love
4- The Importance of Being Idle
5- Interview 2 (Noel)
6- Love Like A Bomb

Pando Package

Part Of The Queue
Keep The Dream Alive
Format: WMV
Source: Unknown

Friday, January 19, 2007

Oasis Promos Rare Tracks & Remixes

To Be Someone Taken From Fire & Skill: Songs of The Jam, this is the studio version
All Around The World [Video Edit Taken from a US promo]
Go Let It Out [Duet]
Lyla [Liam on verses, Noel on choruses]
Guess God Thinks I'm Abel Instrumental
Meaning Of Soul [Instrumental]
Love Like A Bomb [Instrumental]
Oasis vs Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing [with Wonderwall and Go Let It Out drums]
Cast No Shadow [moon shadow mix]
Boulevard of Broken Songs [Oasis vs Green Day vs Travis vs Aerosmith]
This Guy's In Love With You

Thursday, January 04, 2007

[AVI] 2006-12-11 Melbourne Chapel MTV Broadcast

Pando Package

Dime DVD version converted to avi

01 intro
02 slide away
03 dont look back in anger
04 the importance of being idle
05 wonderwall
06 married with children