Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oasis 1996-04-07 - Pacific Coliseum Vancouver, BC (from CBC Boradcast)

Performance Date: April 10, 996
Venue/Title: Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Source: CBC Realtime/Soundborad Recording

Type: .mp3
Bit Rate: 128Kbps
Duration: 0:03:38

01. Supersonic (clip)
Liam & Noel
Roll With It (clip)
Band Walk Off Stage
Liams Final Statement

Local Canadian radio station "RealTime" were recording the show, to broadcast a few weeks later.

Liam during Supersonic - "Ill slap your fucking balls man"

Coins were thrown during Supersonic so after the song they say:

Noel - "One more fucking coin comes up here, and your all on your arses out this day alright"
Liam - "haa listen right, we come to play you fucking music right and we not having coins going blind for a dickhead...and fucking boots and that and ya all going home if you fucking take the piss"
Noel - "The next one, you fucking going home early....we mean it man"
Liam - "Coz we're from England, and we are harrrrdd, we are harrrrd, we're not soft"

Shoes were thrown at Liam during Roll With It so after playing they say:

Liam - "Goodnight, seeya again some time when you're there to keep ya fucking shoes on"
Noel - "Whats all that? Goodnight

The band walk off and Liam returns on stage

Liam - "Don't need it, don't need it, you know what i mean, we come to play you fucking songs, we dont need shoes thrown at us right, we not fucking monkeys. We fucking best band in the fucking world!!"

They ended up not broadcasting it due to the concert only lasting 20 minutes.The DJ is a joke, with an annoying tone of voice and constantly getting their names mixed up.