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Kasabian Glastonbury 07, 22 June

Kasabian declare Glastonbury the 'best festival in the world'
Leceister's finest draw huge crowd to Pyramid Stage
Kasabian pulled in the biggest crowd of the day for a storming set on the Pyramid Stage tonight (June 22).

The Leicester rockers blasted through a host of tracks from their debut and their 2006 album 'Empire' sparking mass singalongs to the likes of 'Club Foot', 'Cut Off' and 'Empire'.

Speaking to NME.COM just before the band took to the stage bassist Chris Edwards said: "It's great to be here wallowing around in all the piss and shit beforehand not being able to have a beer. We'd love to have seen Arctic Monkeys but we've got to shoot off. We've got a barbeque to go to in Romania. We're on stage in 45 minutes so I'm just having a few warm up beers."

Arriving onstage singer to huge cheers, singer Tom Meighan shouted: "Glastonbury come on!" as they launched into opener 'Shoot The Runner'.

During a rousing rendition of 'The Doberman' the frontman also changed the lyrics to "The beat of Glastonbury sky".

As the band closed the show Meighan thanked the crowd and said: "You have been fucking unbelievable. Glastonbury is the best festival in the world. Do as many drugs as you like, find the nearest puddle and swim in it."

Kasabian then ended their set with trademark closer 'LSF'.

Speaking to NME.COM after their Pyramid performance Meighan said: "It's mega to play here, just to be on the Pyramid stage is amazing. It's just good to be a part of it. It's a special night for us, a great night. We just went for it. It was pure energy, a pure rush."

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno added: "It was a big celebration, it's was just joyous. What a great night The Fratellis, us and then the Monkeys. It's the music that's going on nowadays, what a ticket! It's the best ticket ever."

Set List

'Shoot The Runner'
'Reason Is Treason'
'Cutt Off'
'Me Plus One'
'Last Trip (In Flight)'
'Processed Beats'
'The Doberman'
'Club Foot'

Main set taken from the BBC3 broadcast, Last Trip and Stuntman not shown in this broadcast

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Bit Rate: 192kbps

Please note track 13 - Stuntman - Recorded from the Webstream at 192kbps and is included in a seperate folder which you can add to the main set, but the sound level is different compared to the rest of the recording, many thanks to Mad Jim for taking the time to rip from the Webstream.

01 - Shoot The Runner
02 - Reason Is Treason
03 - Cutt Off
04 - Cutt Off Outro
05 - Me Plus One Intro
06 - Me Plus One
07 - Empire
08 - I.D.
10 - Processed Beats
11 - The Doberman
12 - Club Foot
13 - Stuntman - Recorded from the Webstream at 192kbps
14 - L.S.F.
15 - Outro


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