Wednesday, October 10, 2007

That AIDS comment

MS=Miranda Sawyer, Journalist for the Observer.
NG=Noel Gallagher......You all know who he is.

MS: Do you like Blur? I mean as people...
NG: Erm.......
MS: You must have met them enough times now.
NG: The guitarist..I've got a lot of time for the guitarist. The drummer, I've never met him.
MS: Yeah, he never goes out though [laughs]
NG: I hear he's a nice guy. The bass player and singer, I hope the pair of them catch AIDS and die, cos I fuckin hate them two. I really hate Damon. For what he's said, not even in public, but some of the most snidey things that I've heard he's said about us, its like...the guy is asking for a smack in the fuckin mouth, big time.
MS: I thought you got on with him. I thought there was a phase when you used to get on with him.
NG: That was when we gave him the benefit of the doubt and we thought, "Well, alright, you said a few nice things about the group at the Brits, you're not a bad guy." But, you know, he's shown his true colours, you know what I mean? He thinks we're thick Northerners and he thinks everyone that buys our records are, like, idiots because the don't know the difference between Balzac and Prozac or whatever he's going on about. I don't like him. And the bass player's a closet faggot who wants his nose smacking in.
MS: [Laughing] Mince your words there then, Noel. Pull your punches.
NG: He pinched my arse-proper pinched it when I was out. I turned round and said, "What do you think you're doing?" And he went, "Alright mate?" I'll give you alright, you twat. But apart from that, I like 'em [laughs].
MS: Do you ever feel like you're out of control? Everything's changed so much this year...
NG: Yeah. I don't want to be in control. When you've been in control, you want to get out of control. We're on a rollercoaster, a white knuckle ride, and we're just hanging on seeing when the rollercoaster comes to a stop.

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