Thursday, October 09, 2008

Oasis Takeover MTV TWO

They were on the other night selecting tracks for MTV Two in the UK

i have only uploaded the band's comments not the vids

Type. AVI


Monday, September 22, 2008

STC Instrumentals

1. Slide Away
2. Rock 'n' Roll Star
3. Some Might Say (TV Mix/Backing Vox)
4. Cigarettes and Alcohol
5. The Masterplan
6. Go Let It Out
7. Supersonic (TV Mix/Backing Vox)
8. Live Forever
9. Songbird
10. Lyla
11. The Importance of Being Idle


many thanks to Ethan

DBTT Instrumentals

many thanks to Ethan for sharing


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dig Out Your Soul Songbook.

The exclusive package, which features Oasis video interviews, lyrics and music sheets, also includes an introduction written by Noel Gallagher and has been given its own unique catalogue number by the band's label Big Brother - RKIDNMECD1.

part 1
part 2
part 3

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

4 Music Presents The Verve

Date Of performance unknown

Broadcast August 24, 2008 on Channel 4+1, UK.

Edited with Audacity August 24, 2008


Type: .mp3
Bit Rate: 192kbps

Love Is Noise
Rather Be
Sit And Wonder
This Is Music


[Satellite radio] V Festival, Toronto 07 september 2008

many thanks to TML15 for uploading the flacs

Bit Rate: 192kbps

Fuckin in the bushes
Rock ‘N’ Roll Star
The Shock Of The Lightning
Cigarettes And Alcohol
The Meaning Of Soul
To Be Where There’s Life
The Masterplan
Slide Away
Morning Glory (cut)
The Importance of Being Idle
Don’t Look Back In Anger


Falling Down
I Am The Walrus


Monday, September 08, 2008

Gonzo 5th Birthday Classic Podcast

Zane Meets Noel Gallagher

Type: Video

Part 1
Part 2

Acoustic Zoo Session

performed by Noel Gallagher

Zoo Session broadcast on Virgin Xtrme 15.08.08

Date of Performance Unknown?

Don't Look Back In Anger
Cast No Shadow


Go Let It Out Instrumental

From the "Stop The Clocks (Instrumentals)" promo CD given out to select TV stations for background music. This is track #6

Go Let It Out Instrumental


many thanks to Ethan for sharing

other tracks that are on the promo cd

Slide Away
Rock 'N' Roll Star
Some Might Say
Cigarettes & Alcohol
The Masterplan
Go Let It Out
Live Forever
The Importance Of Being Idle

V Festival, Toronto 07 september 2008 New Version

Webstream broadcast

No Skips

Fuckin in the bushes
Rock ‘N’ Roll Star
The Shock Of The Lightning
Cigarettes And Alcohol
The Meaning Of Soul
To Be Where There’s Life
The Masterplan
Slide Away
Morning Glory (cut)
The Importance of Being Idle
Don’t Look Back In Anger
Falling Down
I Am The Walrus


many thanks to Noelsoasis from Live4ever forum for the original recording

V Festival Chelmsford 20.08.05 Full Set

Virgin Radio Xtrme broadcast 15.08.08

Bit Rate: 192kbps

01 - Turn Up The Sun
02 - Lyla
03 - Bring It On Down
04 - Morning Glory
05 - Cigarettes & Alcohol
06 - The Importance Of Being Idle
07 - Acquiesce
08 - A Bell Will Ring
09 - Live Forever
10 - Meaning Of Soul
11 - Mucky Fingers
12 - Champagne Supernova
13 - Songbird
14 - Rock 'n' Roll Star
15 - Wonderwall
16 - Don't Look Back In Anger
17 - My Generation

Part 2

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Zane Lowe Show 19.08.08.

Recorded from webstream tracks edited with Audacity

probably a few spelling mistakes with the tags

Bit Rate: 192kbps

01 Intro
02 Being Somebody Else - The Coral
03 Interview
04 Falling Down[Chemical Brothers Re
05 Interview
06 Jackin Jay-Z
07 Interview
09 Interview
10 Talking About The Good Times - Pretty Things
11 Interview
12 My Boulder - The King Blues
13 Interview
14 No Satisfaction - Black Mountain
15 Interview
16 Cage The Elephant
17 Interview
18 Alone Again Or - Love

Part 1

Part 2

Rock Band Multi Tracks

Don't Look Back In Anger
Live Forever
Rock'N'Roll Star

Type: .mogg

You need to open them in Audacity - - that will open all the tracks at once, then you do your own mix on the fly.

BBC 6 The Music Week

Noel Gallagher talks to Claire Cullen about Oasis' new album and takes us through the making of the biblical new LP explaining how the band went glam.

Broadcast 17.08.08

01 - Intro-Supersonic
02 - Kings Of Leon On Oasis
03 - Classic Oasis Moments
04 - Booze Fueled Stinking Rant
05 - Falling Down-Noel Interview
06 - Noel Interview-Falling Down
07 - Noel Interview
08 - TSOTL-Outro


The Shock Of The Lightning DVD PROMO


Super Deluxe Version Trailer
The Shock Of The Lightning Promo
Dig Out Your Soul Trailer


Live Forever [Gimme Shelter Mix]
The Shock Of The Lightning
Falling Down [Album Version]
Falling Down [Chemical Brothers Remix]

Authored 26th August 2008

Many thanks to Birchy for uploading the Vob

Trailers ripped from Youtube

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Verve Maida Vale 05.08.08

Rather Be

Sit And Wonder[partial recording]
Rather Be
This Is Music
Lucky Man
Love Is Noise

i mised the begining of the gig but have added intro and sit and wonder from the webstream


found a better copy of Sit And Wonder thanks to www/


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Noel on Russel Brands podcast

Watch Russell and Matt with Wrinkly Rocker Noel Gallagher...who gives us the revelation we've all been waiting for!

The Importance of Being Idle - Bloomsbury Theatre 01/08/08

Taken from The Radio Show Live - Russell Brand, Matt Morgan, Mr Gee and Noel Gallagher

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dig Out Your Soul Trailer

Dig Out Your Soul Trailer featuring classic Oasis footage and videos, plus a taster of the new single 'Shock Of The Lightning'. The new album, 'Dig Out Your Soul', is released October 6th 2008.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Neil Young Heart of Gold Audio

"The Painter"
"No Wonder" – featuring Neil Young's longtime friend Grant Boatwright playing "Old Black", the only use of electric guitar in the concert.
"Falling Off the Face of the Earth"
"Far From Home" – Young introduces the song by telling a story about his father giving him an Arthur Godfrey ukelele when he was about 7 years old and working on a chicken farm.
"It's a Dream"
"Prairie Wind"
"Here for You"
"This Old Guitar" – duet with Emmylou Harris; Young notes that he is playing a guitar (a Martin D-28) once owned by Hank Williams.
"When God Made Me" – features Young playing piano, backed by the Fisk University Jubilee Singers and Spooner Oldham on organ.
Encore set
"I Am a Child"
"Harvest Moon"
"Heart of Gold"
"Old Man"
"The Needle and the Damage Done"
"Old King" – features Young on six-string banjo, accompanied by Emmylou Harris on rhythm guitar and harmony vocals.
"Comes a Time" – dedicated to Nicolette Larson who sang on Young's Comes a Time album; features the backing singers and crew lined up across the front of the stage playing acoustic guitars.
"Four Strong Winds" – written by Ian Tyson.
"One of These Days"
"The Old Laughing Lady" – over the closing credits; Young on solo acoustic guitar, alone on stage in a chair, playing to an empty auditorium.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Falling Down Chemical Brothers Remix

Falling Down A remixed version of the new album track from the forth comming release Dig Out Your Soul


many thanks to

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Verve Glastonbury, Sunday 29th June, 2008

The Verve have brought Glastonbury 2008 to a close, headlining the Pyramid Stage tonight (June 29).

Topping the bill on the last night of the three day festival, the reunited band served up a mix of anthems and previewed their new album 'Forth' due out in August.

Kicking off with 'This Is Music', frontman Richard Ashcroft shouted out the refrain of the next song 'Sonnet' - "there's love if you want it!"- urging the swelling crowd on and they duly obliged with a loud sing-a-long.

"Thank you, you're sounding good tonight declared Ashcroft afterwards. "A shout out for Jay-Z for putting in a good performance but tonight is rock n roll!"

"It's time to get your dancing pants on," declared the singer as, joined by an amped up violinist, they played their first new song 'Sit And Wonder' which first featured on last year's reunion tour.

An epic version of 'History' followed with Nick McCabe's slide guitar more than compensating for the orchestra on the recorded version.

"Oh what a night," crooned Ashcroft between tracks causing some fans to sing The Four Seasons track, before he added. "This is about a morning I hope some of you have had, a 'Velvet Morning'."

Despite it being the festival's final night, the crowd proved to be in good voice as 'Drugs Don't Work' triggered an anthemic sing-a-long.

'Lucky Man' got the same euphoric treatment from the audience after which Ashcroft addressed the crowd.

"I want to thank Emily Eavis for asking us to play," he declared. "I hope her dad realises why he booked us now, I think he was worried we wouldn't be as good as Keane or something. But, no, respect to Keane, respect to all bands."

The band then underlined their headliner status launching into 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' causing the Pyramid Stage to break into a rapturous sing-a-long.

They followed that with brand new single 'Love Is Noise' getting the whole field dancing as the band brought the festival to its climax.

"Till next time, love and peace forever," shout Ashcroft as the band finished their set enigmatically without an encore.

The Verve played:

'This Is Music'
'Space And Time'
'Sit And Wonder'
'Life's An Ocean'
'Velvet Morning'
'Rolling People'
'Drugs Don't Work'
'Lucky Man'
'Bitter Sweet Symphony'
'Love Is Noise'

Tracks 1-3 broadcast BBCthree
Tracks 4-11 broadcast BBC2

Type: .mp3
Bit Rate: 192kbps

01 - This Is Music
02 - Sonnet
03 - Space And Time
04 - History
05 - Life's An Ocean
06 - Velvet Morning
07 - Rolling People
08 - The Drugs Don't Work
09 - Lucky Man
10 - Bittersweet Symphony
11 - Love Is Noise

looks like i fucked up the password lol, bet that is annoying as fuck copy and paste all of this text, including password



watch an edited stream here

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


‘The Shock Of The Lightning’ new single out September 29th

‘Dig Out Your Soul’ new album out October 6th

Oasis are set to return later this year with a new single and their seventh studio album. The single,‘The Shock Of The Lightning’ is released on September 29th and the album, ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ follows in October; it is the first new Oasis music since last year’s ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’, taken from the on the road film of the same name. ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ sees Dave Sardy return to the producer’s chair following his work on their 2005 album, ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’. Recorded at Abbey Road and mixed in Los Angeles, all four members once again contribute tracks, but the recording marks a new approach for the band as described by the band’s principle songwriter, Noel:

“I wanted to write music that had a groove; not songs that followed that traditional pattern of verse, chorus and middle eight. I wanted a sound that was more hypnotic; more driving. Songs that would draw you in, in a different way. Songs that you would maybe have to connect to - to feel.”

The lead single is still unmistakably Oasis, a Noel penned song with Liam’s immediately familiar voice to the fore underlining their distinctive brand of finger in the socket rock ’n’ roll.

‘The Shock Of The Lightning’ may well represent the most recognisable Oasis song on the album but, again, the new approach on ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ was present on this lead track as Noel explains:

“If ‘The Shock Of The Lightning’ sounds instant and compelling to you, it’s because it was written dead fast. And recorded dead fast. ‘The Shock of The Lightning’ basically is the demo. And it has retained its energy. And there’s a lot to be said for that, I think. The first time you record something is always the best.”

‘Dig Out Your Soul’ will be the first album released on the band’s own Big Brother label worldwide.

Keep checking back to Oasisinet for more news..

The Verve Readies First Album Since 1997

The Verve has christened its reunion album "Forth" and will release it before the end of the summer.

The set is due Aug. 18 via EMI internationally and a day later in North America, where it will come out on the Verve's On Our Own imprint with distribution via MRI/Megaforce/RED.

"This is a very special band, with four incredibly talented people," the Verve's manager Jaz Summers told Billboard in February. "They made three great albums before. And they're going to make another great album now. There's a bit of magic when the four of them come together."

The Verve got back together in 2007 following a nine-year hiatus. The band's last album was 1997's "Urban Hymns," which launched the U.K. combo to worldwide stardom on the strength of the single "Bittersweet Symphony." Since then, frontman Richard Ashcroft has recorded three solo albums.

The Verve has a dozen summer festival dates on tap, including a co-headlining slot at Glastonbury later this month.

Coldplay live at the bbc

The wife loves em, i like the odd tune, Chris Martin does a great impression of Les Dawson on the piano

Live at the BBC 18.06.08

01 - Life In Technicolor
02 - Violet Hill
03 - Clocks
04 - In My Place
05 - Viva La Vida
06 - 42
07 - Trouble
08 - Lost!
09 - Talk (remix)
10 - Yellow (acoustic)
11 - Talk (remix)
12 - Fix You
13 - Lovers In Japan (with butterfly confetti)

Jonathan Ross 13.06.08

01 - Violet Hill
02 - Viva La Vida

a choice of 2 downloads

Friday, June 06, 2008

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Liam on The f Word 03.05.08

Liam is on fine form supporting his missus on the popular CH4 program



Part 1
Part 2

Monday, June 02, 2008

Pop Britania feat. Oasis

The Oasis bit from the BBCFOUR documentary


Sunday, May 18, 2008


Size: 41.24 MB
Type: .avi
Format: Pal


Friday, May 16, 2008


Oasis didn't bother releasing a dvd single for their Digital download only track, so i decided to create my own.

The latest dvd has an exclusive promo available with an option of 2 audio tracks.

Disc features:

  • LDSMD video promo, with both Noel and Liam's version of the song.
  • Rock 'n' Roll Star and DLBIA concert videos taken from the CH4 broadcast of LDSMD documentary.
  • Audio slide show featuring TMOS and DLBIA live from the City of Manchester.
  • Motion menus are authored with audio using
  • Stop The Clocks
  • They Got Nothing on Me, They Got Nothing on You
  • I Want To Live In A Dream In My Record Machine
  • Guns(Rough Mix)
  • Within You Without You
  • DBTT Demos

Video label: RJONO_DVD_03
Size: 1.73GB
Type: .VOB
Format: PAL
Menu: YES


Download all parts before extracting

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Demos and sessions

A few new tracks have leaked, here is what is available so far

“Stop The Clocks”
“They Got Nothing On Me, They Got Nothing On You”
“I Wanna Live In A Dream In My Record Machine”

“Lord Don’t Slow Me Down” Liam on vocals

“Turn Up The Sun” (Demo)
“The Meaning Of Soul” (Demo)
“Love Like a Bomb” (Demo)
“Eyeball Tickler” (Demo)
“A Bell Will Ring” (Demo)

Type: MPEG_4 Audio file(as originally leaked)


Many thanks to the Oasis community for releasing these great tracks

Monday, April 07, 2008


a lot of people are having difficulty accessing the easter egg, so here it is, on the MAIN MENU screen push on the left arrow button 2 times then press enter/select, not sure if you can access it when viewing on a pc

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Good Evenin, Its Top Of The Pops, Best Band In The World, Live And Exclusive, It's Not Blur!

Don't Look Back In Anger
Cum On Feel The Noize

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Verve The Video 96 - 98

Audio rip from the vhs only release

Type: .mp3
Bit Rate: 192kbps

American Tour 98 Intro
Stormy Clouds and Reprise (American Tour 98)
Rolling People (American Tour 98)
On Your Own (American Tour 98)
Fans Interview
Life's An Ocean (American Tour 98)
Fans Interview
Come On (American Tour 98)
Ashcroft Talking
The Drugs Don't Work (Demo)
Space And Time (Demo)

Updated Link 29.10.09

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Oasisinet 'Guess the Song' Competition

Oasisinet are giving you the chance to win a selection of Promotional CD's and Vinyl from their back catalogue. These are very limited in quantity and have never been available in the shops so are a must-have for any Oasis fan's collection!

All you have to do is click here! This will take you to a video on the band's official YouTube page. If you can name the track the band are talking about, email '' with the track name in the subject box. Include your contact details in the email and we'll pick the lucky winner on Monday 17th March.

Here's the video.

Jack Dee live at the Apollo feat. Liam Gallagher

For Laura

Monday, February 11, 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ebisu Liquidroom, Tokyo, Japan

Title : Big Brother
Date : 15th Nov, 2006
Venue : Ebisu Liquidroom, Tokyo, Japan
Source : AUD (another source / Superb Quality)
Lineage : Original CD-R > SHN > iTunes > .mp3

A massive improvement in quality over previous bootlegs, you need to add this recording to your collection

Type: .mp3
Bit Rate: 192kbps

01. (It's Good) To Be Free
02. Talk Tonight
03. Fade Away
04. Cast No Shadow
05. The Importance Of Being Idle
06. Listen Up
07. Half The World Away
08. Wonderwall
09. Whatever
10. Slide Away
11. Strawberry Fields Forever
12. Don't Look Back In Anger
13. Married With Children


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lord Stop The Clocks DVD [version 2.0]

So here it is finally got round to uploading my latest dvd, i think this is the best one i have authored, hope you all enjoy watching.

Originally a dual layer dvd but the vast majority of people will have difficulty burning to a dual layer disc, i know i did.

Changes from version 1.0

  • Added audio to the menu screens
  • Blur effect added to some of the menus
  • All the menus are now in black and white
  • Intro was scrapped from version 1.0
  • file size reduced from 7.2GB to 4.19GB

DVD Authored by Jono December 2007

  • Union Chapel,London 26th November 2006 CH4, UK***
  • Noel & Gem Paris 2006-11-28 VH1, UK***
  • Brit Awards 14.02.07 ITV and ITV2, UK***
  • Live 2006.11.13 Fuji TV 'Our Music', Tokyo, Japan*
  • Melbourne chapel 11.12.06 MTV broadcast, Australia**

Audio used in the DVD

  • This Is Not A Drill - Fucking In The Bushes
  • Don't Go Away (Instrumental)
  • D'Yer Know What I Mean? (Instrumental)
  • Crashin When You Burn
  • Teotihuacan (Alternative Mix)
  • Guess God Thinks I'm Abel (Instrumental)
  • Live Forever (Instrumental)
  • The Importance Of Being Idle Demo
  • Can You See It Now? (i can see it now)

Video label: RJONO_DVD_02
Type: .VOB
Size: 4.19GB
Menus: Yes
Easter Egg: Yes

All rar files have been tested before uploading.

Download all files and then burn with you preferred software.

If your not sure how to burn the files then this site will teach you how, they can explain a lot better than me.


Menu files








Artwork for the project

***recorded by Jono

**recorded by fruscisgod

*recorded by mak08067

Be Here Now Edit

fan made be here now edit

D' You Know What I Mean? (Radio Edit)
my big mouth short edit (Tom Peilow)
magic pie short edit (Tom Peilow)
stand by me short edit (Tom Peilow)
i hope i think... short edit (Tom Peilow)
dirty shirt short edit (Tom Peilow)
be here now longer intro (Tom Peilow)
better man short edit (Tom Peilow)
all around the world medley to reprisal( feckarse)


Fade In Out short edit (birchy)


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

[AUDIO] Acquiesce 98 Promo Video Version

Taper: Jono
Type: .mp3
Bit Rate: 192kbps
Size: 5.74MB
Length: 0.04.03


[AUDIO] Lyla Promo Video Version

Taper: Jono
Type: .mp3
Bit Rate: 192kbps
Size: 6.03MB
Length: 0.04.15


[AUDIO] The Importance Of Being Idle Promo Video Version

Taper: Jono
Type: .mp3
Bit Rate: 192kbps
Size: 5.70MB
Length: 0.04.01


[AUDIO] Acquiesce Promo Video Version

Taper: Jono
Type: .mp3
Bit Rate: 192kbps
Size: 7.46MB
Length: 0.04.37


[AUDIO] The Masterplan Promo Video Version

Taper: Jono
Type: .mp3
Bit Rate: 192kbps
Size: 7.78MB
Length: 0.05.31


[AUDIO] Supersonic US Promo Video Version

Taper: Jono
Bit Rate: 192kbps
Length: 0:03:42
Size: 5.29MB


The Masterplan Knebworth 11.08.96


Sky Digital Broadcast>>DVD>>TMPGEnc>>.vob

The Masterplan Knebworth 11.08.96 [VH2 Broadcast 2004]

Broadcast sometime around the release of The 10 year anniversary of the Definetly Maybe Album i can't remember the date

Recorded in 4hr Mode

Taper: Jono
File Size: 81.4MB
Type: .vob
Source: VH2 Broadcast
Aspect Ratio: 4:3L



Sky Digital Broadcast>>DVD>>TMPGEnc>>DVD AUDIO RIPPER>>.mp3

Rare version

Bit Rate: 192Kbps
Type: .mp3
Size: 7MB
Source: VH2, UK


Air Studios July 97

Sky Digital Broadcast>>DVD>>TMPGEnc>>.vob

'Be Here Now'
Air Studio, London July 97

Broadcast sometime around the release of The 10 year anniversary of the Definetly Maybe Album i can't remember the date

Recorded in 4hr Mode

Taper: Jono
File Size: 48.1MB
Type: .vob
Source: VH2 Broadcast
Aspect Ratio: 4:3L



Sky Digital Broadcast>>DVD>>TMPGEnc>>DVD AUDIO RIPPER>>.mp3

File Size: 4.18MB
Type: .MP3
Source: VH2 Broadcast
Bit Rate: 192Kbps


'It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)'
Air Studio, London July 97

File Size: 100MB
Type: .vob
Source: VH2 Broadcast - The last great music channel
Aspect Ratio: 4:3L


Part 1
Part 2


Sky Digital Broadcast>>DVD>>TMPGEnc>>DVD AUDIO RIPPER>>.mp3

Taper: Jono
File Size: 8MB
Type: .mp3
Bit Rate: 192Kbps
Source: VH2, UK


Live MTV Studios 2000

Recorded in 4hr Mode

Sunday Morning Call

Taper: JONO
Type: .vob
Size: 58.3MB



Taper: Jono
File Size: 5.24MB
Type: .mp3
Bit Rate: 192Kbps
Source: VH2, UK


Who Feels Love?

Taper: JONO
Type: .vob
Size: 87MB



Taper: Jono
File Size: 7.7MB
Type: .mp3
Bit Rate: 192Kbps
Source: VH2, UK


Monday, January 07, 2008

Familiar To Millions Promos

Don't Look Back In Anger

Recorded in 4hr Mode

Taper: Jono
Type: .Vob
Size: 80.8MB


Champagne Supernova

Recorded in 4hr Mode

Taper: Jono
Type: .Vob
Size: 106MB

Part 1
Part 2

mpeg transfer version 98.6MB

new digital dvd recording version 240MB

Gas Panic

A new recording of Gas Panic will be uploaded soon, the only other version available is an Mpeg Transfer to DVD.

Recorded in 2hr Mode

Taper: Jono
Type: .Vob
Size: 240MB

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

The Verve - The Odyssey Arena - Belfast 17th December 2007 - DAT MASTER

Length : 51.15 / 54.34

Taper : Johnky

Website :

Rig : AT831B > Sony PCM-M1 > Sound Forge 6.0 > 2CD-R / DAT Master > FLAC Frontend @ 6 > FLAC


01. A New Decade
02. This Is Music
03. Sapce & Time
04. Gravity Grave
05. Weeping Willow
06. Life's An Ocean
07. Sonnet
08. Sit & Wonder
09. Velvet Morning


01. Lucky Man
02. Stormy Clouds
03. On Your Own
04. Rolling People
05. The Drugs Dont Work
06. Bittersweet Symphony
07. History
08. Come On

Download here

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Planet Rock Profiles: Oasis

Broadcast 31.08.05 On CH4, UK.
Interview with Noel and Andy

Taper: Jono
Type: Mpeg
Size Part 1: 118MB
Size Part 2: 120MB

Part 1

Part 1
Part 2

Part 2

Part 1
Part 2

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Quick Peep of New DVD

You can get a feel of the dvd i will be uploading, by downloading the main menu vob, i have also added audio to the menu

File Size: 16.1MB


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Verve Haigh Hall 24.05.1998 Audio

Uploaded 128kbps version a couple of years ago, you may already have that version with track 15 missing, now we have the complete gig at the better bit rate of 192kbps

Recorded this to minidisc from FM radio source.

Edited the recording myself before transferring to CD

01 This Is Music
02 Space & Time
03 Catching The Butterfly
04 Sonnet
05 The Rolling People
06 Neon Wilderness
07 Weeping Willow
08 The Drugs Don't Work
09 Lucky Man
10 Velvet Morning
11 Bitter Sweet Symphony
12 One Day
13 History
14 Life's An Ocean
15 Come On*

*Track 15 - Come On Recorded from vhs recording

Taper: JONO
Bit Rate: 192kbps

Lossless version will be uploaded if needed

Download both parts before extracting

Part 1
Part 2