Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Verve Haigh Hall 24.05.1998 Audio

Uploaded 128kbps version a couple of years ago, you may already have that version with track 15 missing, now we have the complete gig at the better bit rate of 192kbps

Recorded this to minidisc from FM radio source.

Edited the recording myself before transferring to CD

01 This Is Music
02 Space & Time
03 Catching The Butterfly
04 Sonnet
05 The Rolling People
06 Neon Wilderness
07 Weeping Willow
08 The Drugs Don't Work
09 Lucky Man
10 Velvet Morning
11 Bitter Sweet Symphony
12 One Day
13 History
14 Life's An Ocean
15 Come On*

*Track 15 - Come On Recorded from vhs recording

Taper: JONO
Bit Rate: 192kbps

Lossless version will be uploaded if needed

Download both parts before extracting

Part 1
Part 2