Saturday, May 01, 2010

Noel Gallagher TCT mini DVD


  • Wonderwall
  • Interview
  • Whatever


  • The Butterfly Collector
  • Fade Away

Ep Absolute Radio[audio only]

  • Whatever
  • Wonderwall
  • Listen Up

Artwork by Ben Jovi from the Stop The Clocks forum

  • 2010 recorded by Jono from the rebroadcast on ITV2 including no voice over Whatever
  • 2007 recorded by Jono from the Sky Anytime HD broadcast
  • DOYS On The Streets Ripped from the online only footage by Jono
  • My World Cup recorded by Jono from the BBC1 broadcast
  • Fade Away uploaded by zaka from L4E forum
  • STC shoutout read out live on Air recorded by Jono
  • Audio EP recorded by Jono from the Absolute website

you will notice blue band either side of the 2010 part of the dvd, but once burnt to disc should not show up on your TV(well it don't on mine)

both Noel Gigs were captured in HQ mode

motion menu

DVD authored by Jono

share it wherever you want, not arsed

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SIZE: 2.42GB